Marcus to leave Grimner – Martin to join Grimner


Dearest brothers and sisters!

We have some sad news. Due to reasons later revealed in this post, our dear friend and guitarist/clean vocalist Marcus has decided to leave Grimner. He will be dearly missed, of course, but there are no hard feelings between us and we are all still great friends. Marcus has played a big role in Grimner for a majority of the years during which the band has existed, and what follows below are his own words to you:

“Dear fans and friends,

It is with much sadness that I, Marcus, have decided to leave Grimner.

I have done what I set out to do – to play at great venues, big festivals and to release albums. The touring life is something that I personally can never grow accustomed to, which is one of the reasons I am leaving. After 7 years
of both strife and joy, it is time for me to devote myself to other things. I will continue to play and record music, so you have not seen the last of me.

I want to thank all of my fans for your endless support. I also want to thank my fiancée Hannah, my friends and my family for supporting my musical endeavors and for putting up with me going away and being the master of rain checks. There are countless others I would love to thank personally, but that would be difficult. Most of all though, I want to thank Ted, David, Kristoffer, Johan and Henry for putting up with me, my inability to shut up and my social anxiety. You guys have made it possible for me to reach one my dreams. I love you all.

May the flame in your hearts never die,


We wish Marcus all the best for the future.

But fret not! We have found a talented new member, marking a new era for Grimner. His name is Martin Welcel, a man with a fantastic voice and thundering guitar sound, now sworn to our infinite desire to pillage and plunder across the world!

We met him in a mead hall not too far from home, where he was causing trouble for the locals; throwing benches, tables, people into the walls. We asked him if he wanted to satiate his thirst for battle with us, by going a-viking and conquering new lands, instead of brawling his time away in random taverns. Needless to say, he immediately said yes to the offer.

We are enormously happy to have Martin as a member of Grimner, he is a very talented and dedicated musician and a great guy, we know he will be a perfect addition to the group. You will soon hear his voice and string skills on our upcoming album. So please, give him a warm welcome to the crew!