New Grimner music video!


Grimner has just released their latest music video for the song “Mörkrets Hem” (The Home of Darkness) from their latest album “Frost Mot Eld”.

Quote the band: “Brothers and sisters! Before Grimner goes on tour, we proudly present to you our second official video! This time it is for the song “Mörkrets Hem” (The Home of Darkness) from our recent album Frost Mot Eld. The video follows the story that we tell through this song, which is a tale about an ancient creature being awakened in his tomb by a trespasser looking for shelter from the cold. This creature is a draugr, undead beings of evil who greedily guard the treasures in their graves and kills anyone who comes close. We hope that none of you will fall prey to these beings of old, and we also hope that you will enjoy this video. With Tor’s megin! May the gods protect you.”

Grimner wants to send special thanks to actors Markus Christensen & Zakk Hellkvist, film crew as well as camera man/producer Magnus Ewald for the joyful day of recording in the Swedish nature.

The song is also released at the fourth and last single of Grimner’s second full-length album “Frost Mot Eld”. Artwork was done by Jan Yrlund at Darkgrove. The single is available on Spotify, Amazone, iTunes etc from today June 24.

single mörkrets hem