New music video “Dödens Dans” out now!


On Friday 27th of April Grimner released a new music video for “Dödens Dans”!

The latest music video from Grimner is for the song “Dödens Dans” (Dance of Death) from our latest album “Vanadrottning”. The song and video is about an old Nordic challenge called “holmgång”. In ancient times, it was a way to solve disputes – by brutal single combat. By losing this fight you were obliged to give the winner whatever was asked for. By denying a challenge or by not fulfilling your penalty when losing, you would forever be marked as an outcast (niding).

In this video you experience such a challenge “holmgång” between Grimner and Swedish folk metal band Midvinterblot, where each clan sends a slave to fight for them. It’s an intense and energetic song and video, where nerves are cold and blood is spilled. Enjoy!

The video was recorded in Uppsala, Sweden by producer Magnus Ewald, together with actors Fredrik Blom, Jon Krås and coordinator Timmy Olsson.”