The release of Grimner’s second full-length album “Frost Mot Eld”!


On March 25 Grimner’s second full-length album “Frost Mot Eld (Frost Against Fire)” was released through Despotz Records. It’s with great honour Grimner releases this concept album, telling the story about the rise of Ragnarök – the final battle, where the world of fire Muspelheim fights the men of the frozen lands of Mannheim.


The album is available on:
Double Coloured Vinyl (Blue and Orange to reflect the world of ice and fire)


Here is Grimner with the new album and new Frost Mot Eld T-shirts. All are available for purchase through the official Grimner web shop.

Enjoy this beast of a record! Make sure to get your copy today!

01. Res Er Mina Söner
02. Eldhjärta
03. Nordmännens Raseri
04. Enhärjarkväde
05. Midgård Brinner
06. Vargarnas Tid
07. Mörkrets Hem
08. Etter och Flammor
09. Muspelheims Härskare
10. Frost Mot Eld